Join us as we try to break the world record for the longest non stop webinar/webcast. The event is entitled “Networking the world – 36 hours linking the world up.” A webinar is a web based meeting where people from remote locations can meet up – share screens and ideas, listen to presentations and collaborate over time zones.

From 10am – Tuesday 25th June – to just after 10pm Wednesday 26th June 2013. The event is being broadcast LIVE at the TURBINE innovation centre, Shireoaks Triangle Business Park, Coach Close, Worksop, Notts, S81 8AP. Or via this website (registration will be required).

Check out the panel list – with awesome speakers from all round the world – there really is something for everybody.

Eastern Time UK (British Summer time) Moscow time AEST (Sydney) Presenter Country Presentation More information
5am 10am 1pm 7pm Ian Brodie UK Cracking the authority code More about Ian
6am 11am 2pm 8pm Jon Baker UK How to break the 4 barriers to growth in a professional practice More about Jon
7am 12 noon 3pm 9pm Rob Brown UK The secret weapon of likeability – how to get more people to like you more quickly  More about Rob
8am 1pm 4pm 10pm Sarah Colombo Italy Pinterest and branding for translators More about Sara
9am 2pm 5pm 11pm Julian Lewis UK Failure is the key to success More about Julian
10am 3pm 6pm Midnight Chantal Boss Canada 10 Presentation mistakes almost everyone makes with PowerPoint More about Chantal
11am 4pm 7pm 1am Bruce Newman USA How to build a better Webinar More about Bruce
12 noon (Tuesday) 5pm 8pm 2am Mike Pagan UK Stop FAFFing About and take Responsibility  More about Mike
1pm 6pm 9pm 3am Lee Duncan UK 3 Strategic Shifts For Rapid Business Growth  More about Lee
2pm 7pm 10pm 4am Mark Jarvis UK Is your network working for you? More about Mark
3pm 8pm 11pm 5am Lianne Carla Savage UK Sales Isn’t Just For Salespeople  More about Lianne
4pm 9pm Midnight 6am Sarah Fox UK How to avoid lawyers More about Sarah
5pm 10pm 1am 7am Patricia Weber USA stop making excuses for your networking failure More about Patricia
6pm 11pm 2am 8am Claire Boyles UK Low cost marketing for startups  More about Claire
7pm Midnight 3am 9am Ross Page UK/AUS How to Learn, Study, Teach or Train up to 10 Times Faster More about Ross
8pm 1am 4am 10am Susan Brown USA How to conquer overwhelm  More about Susan
9pm 2am 5am 11am Mark Davies UK Interview for success  More about Mark
10pm 3am 6am 12 noon Alex Makarski  Canada Getting More Leads: Practical Lead Generation on a Shoestring  More about Alex
11pm 4am 7am 1pm (Wednesday lunch time) Kim McGuinness  AUS  Networking on Purpose  More about Kim
midnight 5am 8am 2pm Nigel Grainger UK Getting you home to the people you love  More about Nigel
1am 6am 9am 3pm Vishal Morjaria UK Build Your Own Future – 7 Steps To Turn Your Dream Into Reality More about Vishal
2am 7am 10 am 4pm Olga Arakelyan Russia Blogging for translators  More about Olga
3am 8am 11am 5pm Nick Forgham UK The warrior within-how to achieve everything you want with what you already have More about Nick
4am 9am Midnight 6pm Marta Chereshnovska Ukraine Translation/localisation – new markets for freelancers More about Marta
5am 10am 1pm 7pm Steve Bustin UK How to DIY PR  More about Steve
6am 11am 2pm 8pm Konstantina Drakou Greece Facebook for translators More about Konstantina
7am 12 noon 3pm 9pm Lucy Brooks UK Why you need to use a professional translator More about Lucy
8am 1pm 4pm 10pm Rebecca Jones Wales I would be superwoman but the hotpants don’t fit anymore  More about Rebecca
9am 2pm 5pm 11pm Clare Evans UK Essential time management strategies  More about Clare
10am 3pm 6pm Midnight Richard Baker UK Iconic Leadership More about Richard
11am 4pm 7pm 1am Iain White UK Keeping things simple More about Iain
12 noon 5pm 8pm 2am Robert Craven UK  Disruptive Marketing (or marketing don’t work no more!)  More about Robert
1pm 6pm 9pm 3am Joy Mo Canada How to land your first 3 direct clients  More about Joy
2pm 7pm 10pm 4am Steve Houghton-Burnett  UK  From generally grateful to genuinely grateful. – The psychology of gratitude  More about Steve
3pm 8pm 11pm 5am Biba Pedron USA How to use social media to attract more clients More about Biba
4pm 9pm 12 Midnight 6am Bob Nicoll USA Remember the ice More about Bob
5pm 10pm 1am 7am Party time Everywhere